Contacts in Santa Cruz/Monterey Community

Northern California
Craig Lane
Santa Cruz/Monterey
(831) 325-4402
Community Coordinator

7 I-Groups in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Community

Area/CommunityTitle/ContactStatus / Meets/PhoneOpen To / Email
Northern CaliforniaMonterey Shadow MechanicsGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Mon in Monterey, CA 93940
Guests, Members, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereyCook, Daniel(831) 459-7335d.cook@danielcookdesign.com
Northern CaliforniaGypsum KingsGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Tues in Santa Cruz, CA
Guests, Members, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereyKurtagh, Steve(931) 477-1014skurtagh@hotmail.com
Northern CaliforniaTrue NorthGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Tues in Soquel, CA 95073
Guests, Members, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereyBartley, Aaron(831) 600-5624hey_aaron@sbcglobal.net
Northern CaliforniaSanta Cruz JourneymenGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Wed in Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Guests, Members, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereyArrayArray
Northern CaliforniaRedwood Elders I-GroupGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Mon in Scotts Valley, CA
Guests, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereySargeant, Michael(831) 801-4901msargeant7@hotmail.com
Northern CaliforniaJourneymenGroup is Public
Meets: Weekly on Wed in Meadow Vista, CA 95722
Guests, Members, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereyUrbina, Jess(916) 878-0064risingbear@outlook.com
Northern CaliforniaMonterey Bay MKP Community Open Circle GroupGroup is Public
Meets: Bi-Weekly on Thurs in capitola, CA 95010
Guests, Members, Visitors
Santa Cruz/MontereyLane, Craig(831) 325-4402craig@healthalkemy.com