Where are you heading? How do you want to go about getting there?

A Journey of Discovery – Online & In Person

Here, in places of wildness and beauty, places off the main roads, places away from the daily business of our lives … we have created an experience for men to connect to something bigger with a focused purpose. This journey first involves coming together online in preparation with a community of men to build bonds and commitment. Then we convene in a special natural setting for a full day of grounding and exploration together.

Discover Your Path is a transformative journey for those just getting started on the path of men’s work … AND … for brothers who wish to reconnect with their essence through a supportive outdoor immersion. and reconnect to their wild spirit in the expanse of the outdoors. 

All men are welcome at this experience, regardless of which other MKP programs they have attended. If you’ve already taken the NWTA, this is an excellent complement, but it’s by no means required.

“This is where I could finally cry. In all the emotion, I was able to pause and see the grass gently moving in the breeze and the trees gently swaying. And there I was, in the middle of it all. Alive. And what I realized in that moment was that I was not afraid of dying this whole time, I was afraid of living.”

Come to our gathering to discover YOUR path

Discover Your Path Includes:

  • Two introductory Zoom sessions with your skilled facilitators and fellow men on the journey
  • One full day of safe and healing training in an outdoor setting
  • One follow-up Zoom session to help you integrate the lessons you’ve learned

You will learn:

  • Circle skills for being with and supporting other men
  • Intercultural competency tools
  • A safe way to experience men’s transformational work
  • How to access support from nature, your internal resources, and other men
  • Processes to help you identify where you want to go and what gets in your way

Who this is for:

  • Discover Your Path is about getting in touch with your sacred masculine.
  • Anyone 18 and up who identifies as a man is welcome, regardless of orientation, ethnicity, ability, color, or class.
  • You can read more about MKP’s values here.

Upcoming Dates and Locations:

  • Sept 21, 2024 – Near Donner Summit, CA. Zoom sessions start approximately September 10.
  • 2025 TBD

“To have the men in our group so open, so real, and so vulnerable, I was left with almost no option. I had to meet them where they met me. And it strangely wasn’t fear, or insecurity that drove that. It was a true love and respect for the process and the men. That was a first for me.”

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